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Featured Articles

Cleaning ponds
Cleaning ponds is probably the least enjoyable task of owning a pond. Learn how to make it easier.

Fish pond supplies
Learn which fish pond supplies are necessary to maintain a healthy environment for your pond.

Garden pond
Learn about interesting and useful garden pond supplies to make your garden pond beautiful and healthy.

Garden pond supplies
Building a garden pond is a challenging, but rewarding experience. Learn how to put in your own garden pond here.

Koi pond
Learn how to create and maintain a Koi pond.

Pond care
Learn about pond care and how to maintain the health of your plants and fish

Pond filters
Pond filters can really make the difference in a clean, healthy pond.

Pond fish
When looking for pond fish for your freshwater pond, consider other fish besides Koi.

Pond fountain
A pond fountain is a beautiful feature to add to a waterscape. Learn more about pond fountains and waterfalls here.

Pond kits
When building your first pond, you might want to consider purchasing a pond kit.

Pond liners
When creating a pond, you absolutely need a pond liner. Learn more about kinds of liners and how to use them.

Pond pumps
Learn which pond pumps work best for your freshwater pond and how to install them.

Pond supplies
When looking for pond supplies, it is best to decide what you really need before you shop. Learn more about pond supplies here.

Winterizing ponds
Winterizing ponds is a much simpler task than most people think. Learn more about winterizing ponds here.


Pond Supplies

A backyard pond is a wonderful way to enjoy the peace a waterscape can bring to your home

Ponds can be wondrous ecosystems to have in your backyard. They are a wealth of aquatic plants, fish, bacteria, algae, turtles, and many other things.

Pond accessories
Learn about fun pond accessories that can add a whimsical or elegant touch to your pond.

Pond supplies
Which pond supplies do you need? It greatly depends on your particular pond, but here are some of the main pond supplies that you will need.

Pond supply wholesale
Why not shop at a pond supply wholesale store? You are going to be able to get your supplies for much better prices when you shop at a pond supply wholesale store!

Garden pond supplies
Adding the right pond supplies to your garden pond is important. Picking the appropriate supplies will be the difference between a pond success and a disaster.

Garden ponds
A garden pond has long been a way to add a peaceful serene atmosphere to any yard. If done correctly it will bring you years of blissful happiness.

Garden ponds and accessory
After you have finished the sometimes labor intensive procedure of building a pond, you get to do the fun part, buying garden pond accessories.

Indoor ponds
Indoor ponds can be just as beautiful as outdoor ponds, however, they have some different challenges.

Water pond accessories
Accessorizing your water pond is the best part of building a pond. Here are some of the many water pond accessories that will make your pond spectacular.

Garden water ponds
A garden water pond is so much more then just the water that sits in it.

Indoor water garden pond
Just like a backyard pond, an indoor water garden is a great way to bring a peaceful, relaxing area into your home.

Pond ecosystems
Pond ecosystems are complex. Finding the right balance will lead to a pond you can enjoy for years.

Fish pond supplies
There are many different kinds of fish pond supplies you can buy. The trick is knowing which is most necessary for your pond.

Floating pond heaters
Finding a good floating pond heater to fit all your needs is difficult, but not impossible. Learn more about floating pond heaters here.

Concrete pond construction
Concrete pond construction is no easy task. Learn more about concrete pond construction here.

Garden pond
Learn tips on how to install a garden pond.

Garden pond styles
Learn about garden pond styles that will enhance your home.

Large pond aerators
Large pond aerators are necessary to feed oxygen to the bottom of the pond.

Ornamental pond water supplies
Learn which ornamental pond water supplies will benefit your ornamental pond

Outdoor pond supplies
When searching for outdoor pond supplies, you must take into consideration your specific outdoor pond needs.

Solar pond aerators
Solar pond aerators are good for the environment, your pond, and your pocketbook. You can save money while improving the quality of your environment, with solar pond aerators.

Pond aerators
Specific qualities you should look for in pond aerators.

Backyard ponds
Backyard ponds can bring a relaxation from the stresses of the everyday world. Learn how to make the most out of your backyard pond.

Pond heater
A pond heater and deicer are necessary to keep the water warm in the winter.

Water garden pond supplies
Learn which water garden pond supplies will benefit your water garden and how to be economical with them.

Pond water float valves
Pond water float valves can help you keep your pond at the desired level, but they still require some effort from you. Auto-fill pond water float valves do have some problems associated with them.

Pond water purifier
A pond water purifier is a good choice if you need to add water to your pond – excess tap water can be harmful to your fish.

Preformed pond
There are some things to consider before installing a preformed pond. Before you install your preformed pond, think about where to put it, the plants already in your yard, shade, etc.

Pond Maintenance

Pond water
Learn more about how to keep your pond water safe and healthy and clear. Do not let your pond water go green: try these simple tips.

Pond heaters
Keep your pond looking healthy and beautiful through the harsh winter months with a pond heater. When spring rolls around and the snow thaws your pond will still be in great shape thanks to your pond heater.

Pond netting
Pond netting is an easy way to keep your pond looking clean and beautiful all year long.

Pond skimmer
A pond skimmer will help keep your pond beautiful by removing debris before it settles in your pond.

Winter pond dome
A winter pond dome is a great way to winterize your pond and keep your fish and plants happy and healthy through the long cold winter months.

Pond Algae
Pond algae is both unsightly and not good for the health of your pond. The good news is there are many ways to regulate pond algae.

Pond and Heaters
If you live in a cold climate then it will be necessary for you to purchase pond and heater equipment to keep your pond life alive through the winter.

Pond bottom drain
A pond bottom drain is the easiest way to drain an indoor or outdoor pond.

Pond chemical supplies
When all of the natural remedies fail, pond chemical supplies can help improve the life of your pond.

Pond De-icers
Pond de-icers are an easy hassle-free way to winterize your pond.

Pond rake
A pond rake is an easy and fairly cheap way to keep your pond clean.

Pond water organisms
Check out your pond water organisms beneath a microscope. How can you tell algae from microscopic invertebrates and other pond water organisms?

Floating pond de icer
A floating pond de icer helps eliminate trapped gases during winter. Learn more here.

Floating pond deicers
Find the right floating pond deicer can be a challenge. Learn more about deicers here.

Pond habitat
Learn how to maintain a healthy pond habitat for your fish and plants.

Pond water heaters
Do you need a pond water heater? If you live in a climate with cold winters, you likely need a pond water heater.

Pond water tests
Pond water tests can test for a variety of things. Keep your pond well-balanced by performing pond water tests for pH, ammonia, nitrates, etc.

Pond Pumps

Pond solar water pumps
Environmentally conscious pond owners are making the switch to solar water pumps. Not just for the environment but also to save money on their energy bill.

Garden pond water pumps
There are numerous amounts of garden pond water pumps for sale. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right pump.

Pond pumps
Your pond needs movement to survive which is why a good pond pump is a necessary component for every backyard pond. A pond pump will keep your pond looking clean and healthy.

Fish pond pumps
Using the correct fish pond pumps will help keep your pond clean and your vegetation and animals healthy

External pond pumps
Learn why external pond pumps are better for your larger ponds.

Fish pond filter pumps
Fish pond filter pumps are a necessary supply in any fish pond. Learn more about fish pond filter pumps here.

Garden pond pumps
Learn why garden pond pumps are necessary and different types of pumps available.

Koi pond pumps
Learn which Koi pond pumps are best for Koi ponds.

Laguna pond pumps
Laguna pond pumps work in conjunction with Laguna pond fountains to create an elegant water feature.

Large pond pumps
Large pond pumps help the pond by pumping the filter and aerator to keep the water circulated and clean.

Small pond pumps
There are many things to consider when shopping for small pond pumps. You must look not only at the size of small pond pumps, but their efficiency, price, flow, and head.

Turtle pond pumps
Turtle pond pumps are pretty much the same as pumps used for regular fish ponds. It is important for the health of your turtles and your pond overall that your turtle pond pumps functions well.

Pond air pumps
Pond air pumps help to maintain a healthy ecosystem

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