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Pond filters

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Pond filters

Pond filtersPond filters are an essential part of any pond. They help to keep the water clean and healthy for your plants and fish. There are many elements to a filter that should be understood when buying and installing one. First, you should decide which type of filtration system you will be using: biological, chemical, mechanical, or a combination. The type of filtration will also depend on what you have in the pond.

Let’s say that you wish to have fish and plants in your pond. Then you should look at a combination of a biological and a mechanical filter. A biological pond filter is basically introducing a medium such as rocks or gravel that allows the ammonium-eating bacteria a place to live. The bacterium cleans the water and provides nitrates which act as fertilizer for the plants.

A mechanical pond filter is one that, working with a pump, filters the toxins and debris out of the water. It also aerates the water, as well. There are a few different types of mechanical filters, submerged and external. For ease of cleaning and maintenance, an external filter is much better. If you have a medium to large pond, then you will also need an external filter. For a smaller pond, a submersible pond filter will work just fine.

When choosing a filter, you also want to choose one that will accommodate the size of your pond. It should only take 2 hours to filter all the water in your pond. So you will need to purchase a pond filter that is large enough for your pond. You can also purchase pond filters with waterfall or fountain pumps attached. You attach the external hose, the one leading away from the filter to the waterfall or fountain pump, thereby creating a beautiful focus for your pond.

There are several different types of mechanical filters that you can buy: pressurized pond filters, back-flushable pond filters, magnetic pond filters, etc. The best way to decide which is best for your pond is to do some research on the different types of filters. You should keep in mind your budget, the area that you live in, the size of your pond, and the plants and animals in your pond when buying a pond filter. This will help you to make a better informed decision.

By following these few suggestions, you should be able to find the pond filter that is perfect for you.

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