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Pond water

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Pond water

Pond waterNobody wants to have green pond water: it’s the sign of an imbalance between nutrients and beneficial bacteria. When you have too many nutrients in your pond water, algae can feed off of it and grow, creating the unhealthy “green” that you do not want.

Here is how to keep your pond water clean and clear:

  • Clear away leaves and other debris – cover your pond with netting during the autumn so that leaves can never enter. Use a pond skimmer to clear away floating debris. Use a pond vacuum to clear away the debris on the bottom of your pond.
  • Add beneficial bacteria – not all bacteria is bad. In fact, some bacteria will help break down excess nutrients and fish waste. They can also improve dissolved oxygen levels in your pond water and more.
  • Get rid of some fish – if you have too many fish, they can wreck havoc on the quality of your pond water.
  • Filter – be sure to clean/replace dirty filters. Also, consider getting a larger one.

You can be sure that your green pond water will start to clear up if you follow the abovementioned tips. Good luck!

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