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Pond Algae

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Pond Algae

Pond AlgaeA small amount of algae can’t harm your pond; in fact it has some beneficial qualities. But if you look into your pond and can’t see your fish, chances are you have a very unhealthy layer of pond algae and pond scum that needs to be taken care of ASAP! Pond algae can not only turn your water green, but it also constricts the amount of oxygen your plant and animal life are receiving.

The easiest way to avoid pond algae can be implemented when you build your pond. Since new ponds are more likely to grow algae, make sure to include a good pond filter and pump when building your pond. The pump will keep the water moving while the filter will collect leaves and other debris that can cause algae to grow. Other items that can help discourage algae growth include a pond skimmer or a pond rake

Having a proper balance of plants and fish is another important factor. Fifty to seventy percent of the surface of your pond should be covered with plants. This will block the sunlight from reaching the bottom of you pond, and sunlight is what algae feeds off of. Don’t forget, in the spring your pond may have a green film as your plants will need time to re-grow from the cold winter months. But the discoloration should go away as your plants develop.

Submerged plants will also help deter algae growth as they help balance the nutrients in your pond. Fish create bacteria and algae is more likely to grow in bacteria filled environments, in fact algae feeds off or fish excrement, so don’t have more fish then your pond can hold and don’t overfeed your fish. It is generally recommended that for every one inch of fish you will need ten gallons of water.

If all else fails you can try using a UV sterilizer or a chemical treatment which will get rid of algae. If you go the chemical treatment route, make sure to check that the chemical is plant and fish safe or you could wind up with a pond that is algae free but full of dead fish!

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