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Fish pond filter pumps

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Fish pond filter pumps

Fish pond filter pumps
Fish pond filter pumps are a very necessary part of your fish pond. There are two types of fish pond filter pumps: external and submersible. A submersible fish pond filter pump is meant for a pond smaller than 1000 gallons of water. These fish pond filter pumps can be submerged directly into the pond, thereby hiding the pump and keeping your fish pond to look natural. These pumps work by taking the water in and sending the filtered water back out again, either in a fountain, waterfall, or just underneath the water’s surface.

An external fish pond filter pump does the same thing as a submersible pump, except that it is meant for ponds larger than 1000 gallons of water. It is also more difficult to hide an external pump, but it still can be done. You can hide an external fish pond filter pump in a few ways; such as with bushes or a rock waterfall. Many owners of fish ponds create a rock waterfall with a back opening where the external pump is hid. It is also recommended to use an external pump if you have a fountain as you will need more energy to run the fountain.

Both fish pond filter pumps will filter out the debris and other waste in the water to send back clean, filtered water. Though both pumps work well, an external pump is also easier to clean as you don’t have to reach into the water, thereby disturbing the fish. This is why many experts recommend the external fish pond filter pump.

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