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Pond Filters

Pond water filters
While pond water filters can’t keep water crystal clear, they can protect the pump from debris. Also pond water filters are good for breaking up fish waste, and more.

Pond pump filters
The easiest way to keep your pond pump running smooth and to keep your pond clean is to purchase a pond pump filter.

Pondmaster pond filters
A filter is an essential component of your pond. It will keep your pond life healthy and happy. Pondmaster pond filters are one of the most trusted pond filters around.

Pond filter
A pond filter is an essential component to any great pond.

Pond filters refills
How often should you use your pond filters refills? Is it better to clean your pond filters or use pond filters refills?

Fish pond filters and pumps
If you are going to have a fish pond, then you need good fish pond filters and pumps. Learn more about them here.

Foam pond pump filters
Foam pond pump filters are a good filter medium to help keep your pond clean.

Farm pond filters
Learn about farm pond filters and which farm pond filter is best suited for your needs.

Large pond filters
Large pond filters help control algae and other waste by cleaning your pond.

Pond Kits

Pond kits
Pond kits come with all the supplies you will need to ensure your pond looks beautiful and your fish stay happy and healthy.

Waterfall pond kit
Some people don’t build a waterfall in their pond because they think it’s too complicated. Buying a waterfall pond kit, is waterfall building made simple.

Wholesale pond kits
Buying pond kits at wholesale price is a great way to save money.

Discount pond kits
For beginning gardeners, you might consider discount pond kits

Fiberglass pond kits
Learn about fiberglass pond kits, what they contain and whether they are right for your pond.

Garden pond kits
It is recommended by most experts that beginners use garden pond kits.

Plastic pond kits
Plastic pond kits are suitable for ponds with rigid or flexible pond liners.

Pond aeration kits
Pond aeration kits form a necessary part of the filtration system.

Pond winterizing kits
What do pond winterizing kits usually contain? Can you completely winterize your pond with just a pond winterizing kit?

Pond Liners

Pond liners
No matter what pond light you choose it is certain that a pond light will make your pond shine at night and accentuate your ponds best features. A pond liner is a simple item but a necessary item for the success of your pond.

Pond liners for sale
When shopping around for pond liners for sale, expensive doesn’t always equate with better quality. You can get a good quality pond liner for an affordable price.

Wholesale pond liners
Buying pond liners at wholesale price is a great way to save money.

Pond liner patch kits
If your pond liner tears, don’t stress out. Pond liner patch kits are an easy way to fix the problem.

Spray pond liner
A spray in pond liner makes installing a pond super easy. Few methods besides the spray pond liner methods are so wonderfully simple.

Fish pond liners
Learning to lay fish pond liners correctly will greatly help you in creating your own pond.

Flexible pond liners
Learn about the benefits and different kinds of flexible pond liners.

Floating pond liner
If you want to create a floating pond, then you need a good floating pond liner.

Discount pond liners
There are a variety of discount pond liners available for different kinds of ponds. Learn more about them here.

Farm pond liners
Learn which farm pond liners are best for farm ponds

Fiberglass pond liner
Learn why fiberglass pond liners are a good choice for those who can afford it.

Garden pond liners
Learn about other types of garden pond liners not previously mentioned.

Koi pond liners
Learn why Koi pond liners are different from other types of pond liners.

Plastic pond liner
Plastic pond liners generally refer to rigid or flexible pond liners.

Backyard pond liners
There are a variety of backyard pond liners that you can choose from. Learn more about them here.

Best pond liners
The best pond liners as recommended by experts are the flexible pond liners.

Buy pond liners
You can buy pond liners in a variety of materials. Learn more here

Preformed pond liner
Tips for using and installing a preformed pond liner. Do you want an above-ground or in-ground preformed pond liner?

Pond & Garden Decor

Pond turtles
Which pond turtles should you add to your pond? You can choose your pond turtles based on looks, your climate, and other factors.

Pond lights
Accentuate your pond with a pond light. Pond lights create a nighttime atmosphere for whether you’re throwing a backyard dinner party or relaxing in your hammock in the summertime.

Water pond designs
The great thing about building your own water pond is that you can create your own design. Water pond designs range from very basic to rather extravagant.

Pond Bridges
Pond bridges are a beautiful addition to your water garden. A bridge is a peaceful place for you to rest and enjoy your pond.

Pond design
Three main elements of pond design include fish, aquatic plants, and pond décor. How you finish your pond design is completely up to you.

Fish Supplies

Indoor Koi Ponds
Koi ponds are beautiful but tricky. It is important to understand the challenges you will face before you begin constructing your pond.

Koi pond
Koi ponds are one of the most popular types of backyard ponds. A Koi can add brilliant color to a dull pond.

Koi pond bridges
A pond bridge can turn your ordinary garden pond into a landscaping masterpiece.

Koi pond filter
The reason most people buy Koi is because they are so beautiful to look at but without the right pond filter the only thing you will be looking at is dirty, algae-ridden water.

Koi pond kits
Since Koi require some extra care, the easiest way to ensure your Koi pond will stay healthy is by purchasing a Koi pond kit.

Pond Animals
Pond animals are a fun and unique addition to any pond.

Pond life
Once you’ve finished building your beautiful new pond you will want to fill it with pond life. Here’s what you need to know about pond life to make your pond a success.

Pond fish
Adding pond fish is the final touch when building a pond. With the perfect combination your pond will go from a hole in the ground to a beautiful paradise.

Fish ponds
Keep your fish ponds sparkling and your fish healthy. Find tips here on how to clean your fish ponds.

Fresh water pond fish
Find the best fresh water pond fish for your backyard pond.

Garden pond fish
There are many more types of garden pond fish than Koi. Learn more about the different types of garden pond fish here.

Koi pond water testing
Koi pond water testing is necessary to maintain the health of your Koi.

Koi ponds
Koi ponds are usually garden ponds that have Koi fish in them. Learn more about maintenance and care of Koi ponds.

Fish pond bridges
Learn about the types of fish pond bridges available and how to care for them.

Aquatic Plants & Supplies

Goldfish pond plants
Goldfish are a great fish species to have in any pond because they can survive in just about any environment. Certain plants will aide in keeping your goldfish happy and living long.

Water pond plants
Adding water pond plants to your water garden is the finishing touch every pond needs. It adds a natural look and helps keep your fish healthy and your pond clean.

Pond plants
Pond plants add life to your pond. With the right pond plants your pond can go from boring to fabulous in no time.

Garden pond design
Learn about garden pond design and which type will best suit your garden.

Koi pond plants
Learn which types of Koi pond plants are best for the fish and your pond.

Planting pond plants
Planting pond plants is simple and fun. Learn more about planting techniques and kinds of pond plants available.

Silk pond plants
Silk pond plants are not just good for aesthetic reasons - they also provide hiding places for fish, etc. Why not keep your pond in bloom all year long with silk pond plants?

Underwater pond plants
Underwater pond plants that are truly submersed cannot exist out of water. There are both rooted and rootless floating underwater pond plants.

Pond garden
A pond garden is different from other types of gardens in the plants that you use.

Water garden pond
Create a water garden pond just for Water Lilies. Learn more about a water garden pond here.

Water lily pond plants
Learn about water lily pond plants and how to grow a spectacular water lily garden.

Fountains & Waterfalls

Waterfall and pond supplies
There are numerous waterfall and pond supplies for purchase. Some are essential for building a pond while others add flavor to your backyard water garden.

Pond Spitters
A pond spitter is artwork for your pond. It adds a soothing, gentle background noise to your pond, much like a fountain.

Solar garden pond fountains
One of the main benefits of solar garden pond fountains is how easy they are to set up – you do not need to set one up near an electrical outlet.

Solar pond fountains
Solar pond fountains allow persons to set up fountains anywhere in their yards, without the worry of finding an electrical outlet.

Solar pond water fountains
Are you thinking of installing a solar pond water fountain in or by your pond, but don’t know what to look for? Here are some tips on shopping for solar pond water fountains.

Garden fountains and ponds
Garden fountains and ponds are really just a submerged water filtration system in your pond to keep it clean. Learn more here.

Laguna pond fountains
Laguna pond fountains can refer either to the locality where they are sold or a certain type of fountain. Learn more here.

Pond fountains
You can enjoy the beauty of pond fountains much easier than you think.

Pond water fountains
There are multiple benefits of pond water fountains: the benefits of pond water fountains extend beyond their aesthetic beauty.

Pond waterfall pumps
What should you look for in a pond waterfall pump? Look for a pond waterfall pump that is easy to install, energy efficient, and easy to use.

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