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Pond heaters

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Pond heaters

Pond heatersPond heaters are designed to stop ice from forming on the top of your pond. The most efficient way to use a pond heater is to place a mesh cover (pond netting) on your pond as the winter months approach. Then when it starts to get colder and ice begins to form, remove the pond netting and place the pond heater in your pond. Don’t forget to turn off your pump in the winter! If you don’t, it will significantly influence the effectiveness of your pond heater.

When deciding on the right pond heater for your pond, you have a few choices. There are submerged ones and floating ones. You must also choose from an electric one or a natural gas one. A submerged pond heater heats a larger area than a floating pond heater. A submerged pond heater is placed under the water. A floating pond heater is placed on top of the ice. It uses less energy and melts a hole in the surface of the ice.

Don’t forget that there are additional things you can do to ensure that your pond and the fish in it survive the cold winter months. Covering your pond with plywood will help keep the heat in. Make sure to leave a small portion uncovered to allow the gases from the pond heater to escape. Also, your fish’s diet should change as the temperature changes. It is recommended to switch to low-protein fish food as the temperature gets colder. When it gets below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you should feed your fish wheat germ based food. If it gets below 50 degrees Fahrenheit you can stop feeding your fish.

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