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Pond water organisms

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Pond water organisms

Pond water organisms
Are you curious about the pond water organisms you have in your pond? You should be. While the following “key” is not an exact science, it will help you distinguish two different types of pond water organisms that may exist in your own garden pond.

· Algae – algae cells are yellow brown, bluish green, or greenish in color.
· Microscopic invertebrates – these have no greenish pigment. They do likely have some sort of appendages, like flagella or cilia.

To get a good look at the pond water organisms in your pond (and you will certainly have some sort), pull out your microscope. A “well” glass slide is likely the easiest type of slide to put your sample of pond water on. It is a good idea to keep everything you work with sterile and to handle all unknown waters with surgical gloves – you do not want unwanted bacteria, viruses, or anything else to enter through small cuts on your hand!

Once you get out your microscope, you are going to be able to better-identify your pond water organisms – you will be able to see that the spiral shaped chloroplast of spirogyra and the jewel-like silica shells that encase diatoms. There is a whole beautiful world of pond water organisms just waiting to be viewed beneath a microscope.


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