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Pond fountain

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Pond fountain

Pond fountain
A pond fountain or waterfall adds such a beautiful focal feature to any pond. Many people think that pond fountains or waterfalls are expensive, but that is not necessarily true. There are some types of pond fountains or waterfalls that are very economical, and of course, there are more expensive types, as well. It all depends on your budget. You can find pond fountain kits starting at around $25 and running up into the thousands of dollars.

If your budget is limited for pond fountains, then you might consider a small resin statue with a small stream of water. These small pond fountains are can be whimsical, elegant, and lovely. You can buy statues such as frogs, elves, gargoyles, and angels. If you want a more contemporary style, there are oriental styled pond fountains made out of bamboo. All of these pond fountains run around $20 to $30 and are perfect for smaller waterscapes.

If you have a larger budget and are looking for a large and elegant pond fountain, then you also have many choices. Again, you can choose a large statue pond fountain or a floating pond fountain. Floating pond fountains are reminiscent of hotel fountains. These fountains are usually attached to pumps that are filtering and aerating the water in the pond. Many times, if you have a larger pond, you will need to purchase a pump to keep the pond filtered and aerated. It is easy to buy an extra head attachment that becomes a pond fountain.

There is a hose that extends away from the pump which sends out the filtered water. This is where you add either a pond fountain head or a waterfall head. If you want a fountain to spray up farther than 2 feet, then you will need a more powerful pump. Of course, there are other parts associated with a pond fountain kit, but it is still simple enough that you can put it together yourself.

One of the effects that you can add to a pond fountain is lighting. This adds an especially elegant and stunning touch to your fountains. You can add colored or white lights, but colored lights are especially striking. At night, this will be so impressive, that anyone who happens to catch a glimpse will want to stop and stare at your pond fountain. Adding lights to the pond fountain is a simple and inexpensive way to bring more focus to your waterscape.

Adding a pond fountain to your pond is well worth the time and money spent. You will be able to enjoy the sounds of gently falling water and gaze at the droplets as they glint in the sun. The sounds and sights of a fountain are relaxing and help to ease the everyday tensions that most people encounter. Invest in a pond fountain, and you will never regret the decision.


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