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Pond supplies

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Pond supplies

Pond suppliesThere are a variety of pond supplies on the market today. The type of pond supplies that you purchase depends greatly on what type of pond you have.

If you have fish, your pond is going to require different pond supplies than a pond without fish. If your pond is somewhere that it might freeze during the winter, it is more likely to need a heater or a de-icer than a pond in a tropical climate.

Here are some basic pond supplies that the majority of ponds should/can use:

  • Pond filter/filtration system – if you have fish, you need a pond filter to keep the wtaer good and healthy. Filters also keep the pond pump from clogging.
  • Pond pump
  • UV sterilizer – these will clear up algae growth.
  • Pond aerator – especially if you have fish, you want to keep the water aerated. Oftentimes, a fountain or a waterfall can do the work of an aerator.

These are just a few pond supplies that you should look into purchasing. Other supplies that you might need include: de-icers, fish food, pond lighting, aquatic plants, plumbing supplies, drains, water tests, etc.

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