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Aquatic plants

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Aquatic plants

Aquatic plantsAquatic plants are necessary if you want to have a fish pond or other water garden. A pond needs an ecological balance of aquatic plants, fish, and water snails. The plants provide food for the fish and the water snails clean up the fish waste that is decaying on the bottom.

Aquatic plants come in three categories: stem plants, rosette plants, and ferns and mosses. Stem plants come from cutting the stems off of the mother plant. Some stem plants that are good in a pond are Scarlet Hygro, Water Hyssop, Fanwort, and Anachris. These plants can grow from just placing the stems in the water. Rosette aquatic plants are similar to stem plants that they can grow from cuttings and placed in the water. Rosette plants will bloom and have flowers. Some Rosette plants are the orchid lily and Amazon swords. Both grow well in ponds.

The last type of aquatic plants is ferns and mosses which do very well in wet climates. Some of the names of these plants are Azolla, Salvinia (both floating ferns),Water Sprites, and Java ferns. When choosing aquatic plants for your pond, determine your climate and spacing of the plants before you buy. Ask lots of questions, and your local greenhouse expert should be able to assist you with the right purchase.

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