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Indoor ponds

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Indoor ponds

Indoor pondsThe most important element of a successful indoor pond is an excellent filtration system, so make sure you have a good pump and filter. Also, fish in an indoor pond have a tendency to jump, so it is recommended to place netting around the pond so that you’re fish will be stopped when they try to escape. Another solution is to build high edges around your pond.

Indoor ponds lack the benefits of natural sunlight. Try to place your indoor pond near skylights or windows. It is most likely that additional light will be needed. The best type of light is metal halides or fluorescent lights.

Generally your pond will not need a heater because the temperature in the house will be sufficient. However, if your indoor pond is in the basement you may want to buy a pond heater. If you want a large indoor pond then it should definitely go in the basement for safety reasons.

Indoor ponds will need to have the water changed frequently, weekly or bi-weekly depending on how big your pond is and how much pond life it contains. Considering this when building your indoor pond is a good idea as you will need to be able to pump water out of your pond through a window or door and you will need to be able to reach a hose to your pond to fill it back up. If you do not have a convenient way of doing this, cleaning your indoor pond can be quite a time consuming procedure.

Indoor ponds provide enjoyment year round and add a calming atmosphere to the home, but they are also a lot of work, so it is important to be knowledgeable and prepared before you begin construction.

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