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Garden pond supplies

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Garden pond supplies

Garden pond supplies
Garden pond supplies are necessary to maintain the health and beauty of your garden pond. There are basically two different types of garden pond supplies: those that are necessary for maintaining the health of your garden pond and those that are used to adorn the pond and provide more beauty. Some garden pond supplies fall into both categories.

Basic garden pond supplies are usually pond liners, pumps, filters, plants, biological media, drains, aerators and skimmers. If you plan to have a garden pond that has fish or is medium to large size, then a pump and mechanical filter are going to help make life a lot easier. Pumps circulate the water through the filter keeping the water clean and healthy.

Many pumps have aerators and skimmers attached to them, making your job easier so that you don’t have to purchase these garden pond supplies separately. Aerators circulate the oxygen in the water and skimmers get rid of the debris. Many pumps fall into the category of being both useful and as an adornment as you can attach a waterfall or fountain head to the pump.

Biological media and plants help keep the water clean through the nitrogen cycle. Fish release waste that is made of ammonia. This ammonia is toxic to the fish, so you have a biological media where ammonia-eating bacteria can live. The bacteria changes over the ammonia to nitrates that are healthy for the plants. The plants grow, providing oxygen and food for the fish.

If you have fish, then fish food is another necessary garden pond supply. There is a large variety of fish food available. Fish food is categorized by season, to enhance color, or with a large variety of vitamins and minerals good for your fish. Certain foods are recommended for the spring/summer and other foods are recommended for the fall/winter. Certain fish food will also enhance the color of your fish. This food is best recommended for summertime.

If you live in a place where your water will get below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then another garden pond supply you will need is a pond heater and deicer to keep your fish alive during the winter. If the pond water completely freezes over, then your fish will receive no oxygen and will die. The deicer melts the pond enough to provide holes in the ice for oxygen. The heater will keep your water temperature at a high enough level that the water will not freeze all the way through.

If you want garden pond supplies that will enhance the beauty of your garden pond, then there are many of those, as well. One of the first garden pond supplies you should purchase is a pump with a waterfall or fountain attachment. This will enhance your water feature greatly! Another way to decorate your garden pond is with lights. You can lights in a variety of ways such as spotlights, subtle path lights, floating pond lights, etc. Plants and statues are also another great way to adorn your garden pond.

If you are worried about the cost of your electric bill going up, think solar power. There are many garden pond supplies that are now solar-powered. These are usually the same price as the electric supplies and are better for the environment. Many of the electric supplies mentioned here come in a solar-powered version.

There are many, many more garden pond supplies that are not mentioned here. Over time, you will learn which supplies are necessary to maintain the health of your own pond. You will also learn which garden pond supplies will enhance your waterscape the best.


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