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Large pond aerators

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Large pond aerators

Large pond aerators
Large pond aerators are a necessary piece of equipment that feeds oxygen to the bottom layers of the pond. In nutrient-rich fresh water, oxygen can usually be found at the surface, but doesn’t reach to the bottom of the pond because of poor circulation. Fresh water animals living at the bottom of the pond, who can’t reach the surface, will die from lack of oxygen.

A large pond aerator solves this problem by circulating the water, thus delivering oxygen to the bottom layers of the pond. These large pond aerator systems come with weighted tubing, a compressor and a diffuser. The compressor delivers air through the tubing to the diffuser. The diffuser then lifts and circulates the water bringing oxygen from the surface to the bottom layers of the pond.

Be aware that these large pond aerators are not cheap. You are probably looking at around $300 to $400 for one. Plus, you need to include the amount of money it will take to run one of these machines 24/7. When looking for a large pond aerator, look for one that will run efficiently to save you money on your utility bills, but is still a quality aerator. When you are using a large pond aerator, you will have the security of knowing that you are helping to maintain a good atmosphere for your pond.


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