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Pond water float valves

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Pond water float valves

Pond water float valves
Pond water float valves help you maintain the water level of your pond. They are necessary devices if you are often away (especially during the summer when evaporation is greatest), but they are also useful to have if you simply do not want the extra work of monitoring and refilling your pond. Here are some positives and negatives associated with pond water float valves:

· They are easy to use – just hook up a water source to the pond water float valve; when the surface of the water drops, so does the float, causing a valve to open and let the new water in.
· You still must do pond maintenance – after all, the mechanical parts of your pond water float valve could break, and other problems could also arise. You want to still check on your fish and your water often.
· Unnoticed leaks – when your auto-fill pond float valve continually fills your pond, you assume that it is because of loss of water due to evaporation. Of course, there is also the chance that your pond has a leak, but you may not notice the extra water loss because your pond is kept constantly full. This is, of course, a waste of water, but also it causes extra chlorine (from the tap water) to be added to the pond. Chlorine could harm the fish.
· Chlorine – as stated above, chlorinated water (tap water) is added to the pond when a float valve is in use. Chlorine can harm fish gills and even lead to death. Consider adding a dechlorinator or a pond water float valve that with a filter to remove chlorine.

All in all, though, if you realize that float valves are not miracle makers, you will be fine and having one in your pond can really benefit you. As long as you continue to monitor your pond and your float valve, your pond will likely remain healthy and beautiful.


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