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Pond pumps

Buying and setting up a pond pump can be easy, but a little forethought is important. Before you buy and place your pond pump, be sure to consider these things:

· Larger is better – if given a choice between a pond pump that might be too small and one that might be too big, go with the larger one. A larger pond pump will keep your water flowing adequately, even as the prefilter begins to get clogged.
· Access – place your pond pump where you are going to be able to easily get to it. You are going to need to clean it and change the filter regularly. Also, come winter, you are going to want to move your pump up to a plant shelf.
· Second pond pump? – you should never turn off your pond pump for more than an hour. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a second pond pump. In fact, instead of purchasing one large pump, you could purchase two smaller pumps. Then you could turn off one pond pump without affecting your filter performance.
· Hose – the recommended size for your pump is the best size. Also, try to avoid excessively long hose lengths. Clips will help you secure the hose to fittings. Keep your plumbing simple.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started thinking about pond pumps. Remember to think it all out before you purchase and place your pond pumps.

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