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Pond habitat

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Pond habitat

Pond habitat
Keeping a healthy pond habitat over the years can be a challenge, but with a few tips from the experts, it can be accomplished. The basics of maintaining a healthy pond habitat are to keep the water filtered and oxygenated, have a good biological medium, and plants that fight algae for nutrients.

To keep the water in your pond habitat filtered and oxygenated, you need a pump, filter, and aerator. You can usually find a system today that includes all three. A pump will take in the old water, send it through a filter and push it back out again in either a waterfall or fountain form. This motion also aerates the water by bringing the water from the bottom of the pond to the surface.

In your pond habitat, you also want to include a good biological medium where ammonia-eating bacteria or animals can live. These animals will eat the waste from the fish and process it into nitrates which are great for your plants. If you have enough plants, they will fight algae for nutrients, which will keep your algae from growing. This nitrogen cycle is what will create a healthy pond habitat.


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