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Preformed pond

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Preformed pond

Preformed pond
Yes, generally a preformed pond is easier to install than other ponds. Nonetheless, there are still some important things that you need to consider before you set about installing your preformed pond:

· Slope of the land – you do not want to have worry about rainwater runoff. You do not want to have to worry about your lawn fertilizer, etc., getting washed into your pond – it is not healthy for the fish or the plants.
· Existing trees – while shade can be nice to have around a pond, you need to consider that the big shady trees tend to have big, intrusive roots. The roots can both make it more difficult to dig a spot for your preformed pond, and they can create havoc if they grow into and move or break your pond.
· The ground – it is going to be a lot easier to dig out a hole if you stay away from rocky ground.
· Outlets – unless you have a solar powered pump, you are likely going to need to put your preformed pond near your home where the pump can be plugged into an outlet. Otherwise, you will need to have wiring installed out to your pond.
· Preformed pond kit – a preformed pond kit makes installing your own pond even easier. After all, a preformed pond kit often comes with everything you need – pump, filter, light, fountain head, streamlet, etc. – to create your own pond.

For the most part, the most difficult decision is whether to totally create your own pond with a pond liner or to purchase a preformed pond. But once you have made the decision, the installation of a preformed pond is really not too difficult, comparatively.


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