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Pond liners

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Pond liners

Pond linersPond liners help maintain the life of your pond allowing you to enjoy your pond for years to come. There are several things to first consider when purchasing a pond liner.

Does it have a warranty?
Pond liners can deteriorate over time which is why it is important to purchase a pond liner with a warranty. The sun’s rays can deteriorate your pond liner. However a properly built pond will help protect your liner.

Is your pond liner safe for your fish?
A safe pond liner is tested to make sure that it is not toxic to your fish. Your pond liner should come with a stamp of approval from the manufacturer ensuring that the pond liner has been tested.

To determine the size of the liner you need for your pond, use this helpful equation:
· The width + twice the depth + 2 feet for the edges
· The length + twice the depth + 2 feet for the edges

For example, if you have a 12' x 20' pond that is 5' in depth, you will need a liner that is 24’ wide by 32’ long (12 + 5 + 5+ 2 =24 ' wide; 20 + 5 + 5 + 2 =32' long).

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