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Ponds can be beautiful additions to a garden... if you take proper care of them. However, ponds with poor water quality can be eyesores, and they can be harmful for the fish that live within. Here are some tips for keeping your pond’s water quality at its utmost:

· Do not overstock. If you have too many fish, you are going to have too much fish waste, etc.
· Do not overfeed. Never feed your fish more than they can eat – doing so can eventually lead to algae bloom.
· Keep your pond clear of debris. During the autumn, keep a net covering over your pond to catch the falling leaves. Use a pond skimmer to get rid of leaves and debris floating on top of your pond. Use a vacuum to clean up debris that has sunk to the bottom – clean it up before it starts to decompose and turn toxic. They are also a great source of nutrients for algae.
· Filtrate properly. A filter is a very important piece of equipment for your ponds. There are both mechanical (filter out physical impurities) and biological filters (bacteria colonies that break down harmful chemicals).

These are just a few things that you need to think about to ensure that your pond’s water remains clean and clear.


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