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Garden pond

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Garden pond

Garden pond
You’ve always wanted a garden pond, but you aren’t quite sure how to put one into your garden. Using the following tips, you can install your own garden pond without too much difficulty.

First, you want to decide where to place the garden pond. Once you’ve done this, you will want to create an outline of your garden pond if you are using a flexible pond liner. If you are using a fiberglass or rigid plastic pond liner, then the shape is already decided for you. When outlining the garden pond, use yarn, string, or spray paint. This will make it easier when you start digging.

Next, you want to start digging your garden pond. Begin digging approximately 2 inches outside of the outline. If you start inside the line, you will likely end up making your hole too small. You also want to dig at least 2 feet deep if you plan on having fish, especially Koi. The larger the pond is the better for the Koi fish. When you are finished digging, you will want to put down a layer of sand about 2 inches thick. This helps with drainage and from small sharp objects puncturing your pond liner. If you have a fiberglass liner, you will not need to dig a hole or put sand down.

Last, lay your pond liner in with the edges lying at least 1 inches outside of the hole. Add your rocks and your plants and install the pump. Finish off with water and fish. You then have a beautiful garden pond that will bring you many years of pleasure.

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