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Pond lights

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Pond lights

Pond lightsPond lights can make a huge difference in the appearance of your pond. When deciding on the right pond light, you should think about what parts of your pond you want to accentuate and how natural looking you want your pond to appear. You can also use multiple pond lighting options to enhance your pond. You may also want to purchase a timer so that you don’t have to run outside every time you want to turn on your pond lights. There are many different types of pond lights to choose from:

  • Floating pond lights -- Floating pond lights make for an aesthetically pleasing pond -- great for when friends come over and you want to show off your beautiful new pond.
  • Solar floating pond lights -- Solar floating pond lights take the hassle out of lights with plugs or batteries. The sun charges the light during the day so that you can enjoy it at night.
  • Underwater pond lights -- Underwater pond lights can be used in ponds and small lakes, and they are great for spotlighting fountains. Underwater pond lights can be used in water as shallow as 6 inches deep. They come in a stainless steel case and have a heavy cast brass grill. The light comes on a swivel stand which makes it easy for you to position the lamp any way you want highlighting your pond’s features.
  • Water Lilly pond lights -- Floating Water Lilly pond lights are waterproof and add to the natural look of your pond while providing light. They come in different sizes just like real lilly pads do.
  • Crystal stone pond lights -- Crystal stone pond lights are an excellent way to light paths, waterfalls, gardens or other pond features.
  • Crystal globe pond lights -- Crystal globe pond lights are made of glass and float on the surface of the pond.

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