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Pond care

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Pond care

Pond care
If you are going to have a pond, then you need to learn about good pond care. Taking care of a pond includes a lot more than occasional cleanings. You will need to look after your fish and your plants and make sure that your pumps are working and your filters are regularly changed. And these are just some of the things that you need to know when you are maintaining your pond. If you want to preserve an optimal environment, then use the following tips on pond care.

· Problem: too much algae – the cause could be a couple of different things. You could have too much sunlight, too many nutrients, or not enough plants. Algae thrives on oxygen and sunlight, so you need to place more plants in the water to fight the algae for nutrients and to provide more shade.

· Problem: muddy or brown water – the cause could be that your pump and filter are not working. You should regularly clean the pond filter, which means you might have to do it as much as weekly during the summer. Read the instructions on how to clean your particular pump and filter, but make sure you clean it often.

· Problem: debris in pond – the cause could be dead leaves from nearby trees or dead leaves from plants in the pond. Using a net on a pole, frequently skim the leaves and other debris away from the water. If you have several trees, you could cover the entire pond in the autumn with a net to prevent the leaves from falling into the pond.

· Problem: floating plants look unhealthy – the probable cause for this is that the plants have outgrown their containers. This means that you will need to divide the plants and re-pot them in new containers.

· Problem: Unhealthy pond fish – this is the problem most pond owners fear the most. The cause could be several things: not enough oxygen, too many fish or too much chlorine in the water. If there is a lack of oxygen, you can do two things. Buy an aerator or buy more submerged oxygenating plants such as duckweed and eel grass. This will help keep the algae down, as well. To prevent overpopulation, you should never have more than 1 to 2 inches of fish length to one square foot of the pond. For the last cause, buy a water testing kit and test often to make sure your chemical levels are correct.

There are other problems that can occur such as a frozen pond or too many plants. For each problem, talk to a local garden center or research on the internet. With a little help from the experts, good pond care can turn a challenging task into a much simpler job. With extra pond care, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful and healthy pond for years to come.


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