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Pond rake

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Pond rake

Pond rake
A pond rake is like a swimming pool skimmer net. It can be used daily to get rid of leaves or other debris that may be floating or growing on your pond. Simply run the rake across the surface of your pond to get rid of unsightly debris that may threaten the life of your pond.

Autumn is the time of year when a pond rake comes most in handy. After all, although beautiful, fall leaves can potentially add extra burden your pond pumps and filters. As they sink and break down, autumn leaves and debris can clog your filters so that they will not work as well. Algae will become more abundant. Your pond will not be as healthy.

Keep your pond healthy by readily removing leaves and other organic debris from the top of your pond, using a pond rake.

Pond netting is also a good alternative to pond rakes – it requires less work from you, but it is slightly less aesthetically pleasing. Just place the fine mesh netting over your pond. Leaves will not be able to fall through.


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