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Pond water tests

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Pond water tests

Pond water tests
There are a variety of things that pond water tests can test for. Some tests are quite simple and others are complex. Some tests must be performed regularly, and other pond water tests need to be performed more rarely. Here are some things that pond water tests often test for:

· pH – The pH level of the water shows how acidic or alkaline it is. A good pH range for pond fish is between 7.2 and 7.6, but they can live comfortable between levels of 6.8 and 8.0; a level of 7.0 is neutral. Never change your pH level rapidly – doing so can cause stress to your fish or even kill them.
· Ammonia – decaying food, plant material, fish waste, and other such things contribute to an accumulation of ammonia. Ammonia, however, can be deadly to fish. Use pond water tests for ammonia especially when your pond is new. Do not over-stock your pond – more ammonia will be created.
· Nitrites – these are toxic to fish. Ammonia is converted into nitrites by bacteria. If you find nitrites in your water, change the water, temporarily discontinue feeding. Add non-iodized salt.
· Nitrates – although the word is similar to “nitrites,” nitrates are actually nontoxic to fish. A high level of nitrate does, however add to algae bloom.

These are just a few things that pond water tests can test for. Depending on your particular pond and the problems that you may (or may not) see arising, you are going to want to do different pond water tests.


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