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Plastic pond liner

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Plastic pond liner

Plastic pond linerThere are two types of plastic pond liners available: rigid and flexible. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The rigid plastic pond liner or “preformed” plastic pond liner has been in use for many years. One advantage to a preformed plastic pond liner is the ease of installation. You dig a hole, lay the liner in, fill in the spaces around it and you are done.

The disadvantage to a preformed plastic pond liner is that they generally only come in a small size, so they are not recommended for medium to larger sized ponds. The other disadvantage with a preformed plastic pond liner is that they only come in square or rectangular shapes. So, you can’t use a more natural shape similar to that of a streambed or forest pond.

A flexible plastic pond liner has several advantages. If you are looking for a larger and more naturally shaped pond, then a flexible plastic pond liner is perfect. The best type of flexible plastic liner to use is the EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). These plastic pond liners have the longest lifespan (20 years), are the most resistant to UV rays and weathering, and are also very thick so that they resist punctures and tears. The disadvantage with flexible plastic pond liners is that they are difficult to lay flat when installing them. Otherwise, flexible plastic pond liners are probably your best choice.

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