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Waterfall and pond supplies

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Waterfall and pond supplies

Waterfall and pond suppliesListed below are some of the most popular waterfall and pond supplies. These supplies are the most important for having a successful pond or waterfall. For more detail on other fancier pond supplies, check out our section on pond accessories.

Pond supplies:

  • Pond pump - a pump is necessary to keep the water moving in your pond. Pumping the water in your pond will help it stay clean and your fish healthy.
  • Pond filter – a filter will help filter out all of the leaves and other debris that can kill your pond life.
  • Pond skimmer – a pond skimmer is like an additional filter. It will help keep the surface of your pond clean.
  • Pond rake – a pond rake is a tool you can use to skim the surface of your pond to get rid of snow, leaves, etc.
  • Pond liner – a liner is necessary to build your pond. It will keep your pond in the design shape you desire and protect your pond life.
  • Pond kits – the easiest way for an inexperienced pond builder to begin is by purchasing a pond kit. It comes with all the basic necessities for building a pond.
  • Pond netting – netting is simply draped across your pond to catch snow, leaves and other debris or to shield your fish from predators such as the family cat.
  • Winterizing supplies – if you live in a cold climate it will be important to winterize your pond. Winterizing supplies include a pond dome, pond netting, a pond heater, de-icer, and much more.

Waterfall supplies:

  • Waterfall liner – a liner will be necessary to begin constructing your waterfall
  • Hose – a hose is necessary to run the water to your waterfall. You will also need a clamp and a shaping cord.
  • Pump – another basic item needed to pump water in your waterfall.
  • Decorative rocks – you can purchase rocks to cover up your unsightly cords, etc. or you can use rocks in your backyard.
  • Waterfall kit – if you don’t want to take the time to purchase all of these supplies individually then the easiest way is to purchase a waterfall kit. Much like the pond kit, it will come with all of the basics for building a waterfall.

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