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Pond turtles

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Pond turtles

Pond turtlesAre you thinking about adding pond turtles to your garden pond? Are you wondering which ones you should add? Here is some information on different types of pond turtles:

  • Red ear slider turtles – these popular turtles have beautiful black and yellow designs on their shells. They are active, and therefore can be a very fun addition to a pond.
  • Western painted turtles – these pond turtles are quite colorful, and therefore can be a wonderful unique addition to a pond that needs a little red to balance out all of the green. They are also friendly and can co-exist with other turtles.
  • Eastern painted turtle – also a great turtle for ponds.
  • Mississippi map turtles – These are social pond turtles that get along well with other turtles. Be prepared to be entertained by one of these turtles.

These are only a few of the possibilities of pond turtles. Before you purchase your own pond turtles, though, be sure that you have the right climate and food, etc. for them. Make sure that you can keep your turtle/turtles alive and happy for as long as possible.

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