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Farm pond liners

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Farm pond liners

Farm pond liners
Farm pond liners aren’t that much different than other pond liners, though farms will usually have more animals and fish, so that needs to be taken into account. It has been recommended by many experts to use flexible pond liners as these usually have the most advantages over fiberglass, concrete or pre-formed plastic liners. Two types of flexible farm pond liners are the Polyethylene and the UltraGuard farm pond liners.

The Polyethylene farm pond liner (a thermoplastic) is similar to the EPDM liner in many ways. These liners release no toxins that are dangerous to the plants or fish. The Polyethylene liner is highly flexible and will stay so in temperatures down to -70° Fahrenheit. It is resistant to the UV rays of the sun and to tears and punctures. This farm pond liner is even recommended for potable water applications. The disadvantage of Polyethylene is that it only has a shorter lifespan – up to 5 years.

The other type of farm pond liner described here is the UltraGuard (a polymeric alloy). This is just one brand name of this type of liner. The best advantage of this liner is that it has the highest resistance to UV rays and will resist cracking to temperatures of -65° Fahrenheit. UltraGuard also has been tested safe for fish and plants, it is highly flexible and resists tears and punctures. The lifespan of this farm pond liner will last 20 years and more.

There are other farm pond liners not mentioned here that will work very well for a farm pond. The type of liner you will need will depend upon the type of climate, size and budget that you have. It is best to do some more research before deciding which type of farm pond liner is best for you.


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