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Pond Animals

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Pond Animals

Pond Animals
Fish aren’t the only creatures that live in a pond. There are various types of pond animals which will breathe life into your pond. Some of the most popular pond animals include: frogs, toads, dragonflies, snakes, turtles, mosquitoes, snails, tadpoles, and beetles. The most important thing to consider before purchasing any pond animal is if they will be compatible with your other pond life (fish, plants, etc.). Do some research before you buy or your pond animals may wind up eating all of your beautiful plants.

Another thing to consider when buying a pond animal is the benefits of certain animals. For example, snails and tadpoles will eat algae, which is a great natural way to keep your pond healthy. Again, research the animal you are interested in before buying it to see if it has the qualities to improve your pond.

Don’t forget to think about winter when purchasing your pond animals. Most frogs and turtles are able to survive buried under dirt at the bottom of the pond but not all animals can do that. Some animals will need to be brought inside for the winter while others, like mosquitoes will die and need to be purchased again when the snow thaws. If one of your pond animals should die remove it immediately and check your ammonia and nitrite levels. Leaving a dead animal in your pond can lead to more dead animals if not removed quickly.

Pond animals are a lot of fun but many factors must be taken into consideration before you purchase them. With the right mixture of plants, fish and other pond animals you will have an incredible water garden utopia!


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