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Pond plants

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Pond plants

Pond plants
There are hundreds of pond plants to choose from. By choosing a variety of different pond plants and setting them about your pond in your own fashion, you can really individualize your pond and have fun with it. In general there are three types of pond plants for you to consider:

· Bog plants – These plants are visible above the water but their roots grow under the water. Water irises, cattails, and water hyacinths are all examples of bog plants.
· Submerged plants – These plants grow under the water and help maintain the life of your pond by providing oxygen and regulating algae growth which will in turn lead to a cleaner pond without you having to do the work. Dwarf vallisneria and cabomba are both common types of submerged pond plants.
· Floating plants – These plants are a beautiful addition to any pond. They lay on the surface of your pond and do not need to be planted. One of the most popular types is the water lily.

Don’t just use one type of pond plant. The more variety you have, the more natural looking and healthier your pond will become. You will, however, need to find out which types of pond plants will grow best in your area. Check with your local garden supply store to find out.

Also, be aware that if you live in a cold winter climate, you may even need to throw out the majority of your pond plants at the end of the warm season and start anew after the winter. Of course, if you refuse to throw your pond plants out and you are a good gardener, you could try keeping them alive indoors.


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