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Garden pond liners

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Garden pond liners

Garden pond liners
The most common form of garden pond liners are: flexible, rigid plastic, fiberglass, and concrete. The garden pond liners described here are flexible. EPDM flexible liners work well, but there are other flexible garden pond liners that have been used with just as much success. Some of these are: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Polyethylene (a thermoplastic), and UltraGuard (a polymeric alloy).

A PVC garden pond liner is very similar to the EPDM flexible liner in its advantages. A PVC liner is safe for plants and animals; it is very flexible and will remain so in temperatures down to -22° Fahrenheit or up to 120° Fahrenheit. It is lightweight and easy to install, molding easily to your pond designs. There is little to no maintenance, though it is suggested to keep any extra material in case there is a need to patch the garden pond liner. This type of liner should last you around 10 years and is economical.

The other two garden pond liners mentioned here are similar in material and other advantages. Learn more about Polyethylene and UltraGuard garden pond liners under the term “farm pond liners.”


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