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Pond winterizing kits

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Pond winterizing kits

Pond winterizing kits
While pond winterizing kits are very helpful for winterizing ponds, they are missing two important elements that are necessary for winterizing a pond: time and patience. A pond winterizing kit is not going to do everything for you. There are many things that you must do on your own. You must:

· Remove organic debris – this could ferment over the winter and ruin the water quality of your pond.
· Leave the fish alone – do not disturb them. They are cold blooded and will be fine on their own. Let them hibernate. Before winter hits, though, add mineral supplements – start adding them early fall. Do not feed your fish too much once it gets colder – when it is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, you should only feed your fish when they are actively looking for food (up on the top of the pond).
· Leave your aerator on – it is still useful during the winter, breaking down ammonia build up.
· Pond heater or de-icer – these are, perhaps, the most common components in a pond winterizing kit. If you have a small pond, you need a only a de-icer. Again, fish are cold blooded and can handle the cold. The reason that you heat the pond is to create a hole in the ice to allow toxic gases to escape.

If you are unable to find a pond winterizing kit to suit your needs, you can create your own. You can have your pond winterizing kit handy for when cold weather strikes. Include in it a pond heater or de-icer, a pond cover, mineral supplements, etc.


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