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Pond Supplies, Pumps, Kits and Decor

Welcome to Pond-O-Mania.com! Where did the sumnmer go? As winter draws near, there are a few seasonal care tips to keep in mind. Though pond life slows down during winter time, it is still important to provide regular care for it. There are a variety of things which can and should be done to encourage a healthy and thriving ecosystem once spring returns.

Along with the special care tips necessary for the upcoming season, the holidays are also worth mentioning. Now is the ideal time to purchase pond-related gifts for any loved ones who care for their own ponds. We offer an excellent selection of filters, pumps and more for great prices.



Find only the best supplies for ponds, gardens, aquariums and plants.



A variety of accessories -such as solar water pumps, heaters and pond pump filters - can truly enhance your pond.


Decor is essential to making your pond your own. Consider bridges, artificial plants or even accent lighting.


To keep your pond looking clean, be sure to invest in a pond liner, filter or skimmer.



Our kits contain all you need to create your dream pond: chemical supplies , netting, waterfalls and more.



Aquatic plants add life to any garden pond, and are perfect for koi and goldfish ponds.


Because algae growth will stop during the cold temperatures, the filter and UV light of a pond may be disconnected. These things are only necessary when fish are being fed. During winter however, fish metabolism slows to the point that fish should not be fed at all below 45°F. Between 45°F and 55°F, easily digested food such as wheat germ should be used and the fish should only be fed two or three times a week.

Plants should no longer be fertilized beginning around six weeks before the first frost. Also, particular plants will need particular care. It is best to research any species of pond plants you own ahead of time (this is also a wise step for fish species, of course). Hardier plants may simply be allowed to go dormant during the cold season. Other plants may need to be brought indoors, however.

For some people, the slowing down of wintertime means extra time for planning changes for the next year. Let us help you get started on any future pond project. Pond-O-Mania offers a wide range of pond supplies, from filters to decor and more. We also offer a useful and informative learning center. All of this is available at your fingertips within the convenience of your home.
Here is some info to help you get started:

Lighting - Pond lighting does much more than make a pond visible at night. With the right lighting, many interesting and beautiful effects can be achieved. A pond can take on an entirely different sort of mood once the sun goes down. Underwater lighting and floating solar lights are just a couple options for creating the ambience you most desire. Underwater lighting achieves amazing, gyrating shadows and bounds of light. Accent lighting can be used to highlight certain features such as fountains or spitters and cast their shadows across the garden or onto your home. Be creative and have fun.

Fish Supplies – Our store includes all the best fish supplies for your koi, goldfish or other pond fish. Count on us to provide you with great deals on everything from fish food to water clarifiers. While fish survive simply enough in the wild, using the right products will keep them beautiful and fit in an artificial pond.

Filters - Pond filters are one of the basic needs for keeping your pond clean and healthy. Explore our learning center to decide whether it is a biological or mechanical filter that you need. Then explore our store to select from a great variety of filters, including submersible types.

Of course, there are many more pond supplies available beyond lighting, fish supplies and filters which are necessary to create and maintain the perfect pond. If you are starting from scratch, then you are going to need a pump, filter, liner and other items. A great idea is to start out with a pond kit. Kits include all the basic pond supplies required to build your own.

When it comes to personalizing your pond to suit your specific designs, there are even more options from which to choose. These include water treatment chemicals, fish food, plants and possibly some decorative fountains. Unlike the ponds that Mother Nature creates, man-made ponds require human maintenance to stay balanced and beautiful.

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