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Pond liners for sale

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Pond liners for sale

Pond liners for salePond liners for sale can be found at your local garden store, a large supply store, or online. All options offer excellent pond liners: the best options for you just depends on your preferred method of shopping.

Of course the easiest way to shop for a pond liner for sale is online, since you never have to leave your house! However, when buying a liner online it is not advisable to purchase a used liner. While these may be considerably cheaper, they are not guaranteed. You do not know what type of shape the liner is in, and you could wind up with a pond liner with a bunch of holes. In the end you will wind up spending more money then you set out to. A good pond liner doesn’t have to be expensive. Pond liners can be found for as little as 35 cents per square foot.

To calculate what size pond liner you will need use this simple equation:
Length of your pond x width x depth.

Pond liners also come in different thickness. Generally speaking, the thicker your liner is the less likely it will tear. However, the thicker the liner is, the heavier and less flexible it becomes. Uniquely shaped ponds usually benefit from a flexible pond liner that can easily bend and be molded. Should you choose a lightweight, thin liner, it can be reinforced with a pond underliner. As the name implies, an underliner goes under the liner to give even more protection from holes and punctures.

Another great way to protect your pond liner is with geotextile. Geotextile will protect your liner from animals or insects that may try to dig their way through your liner. Geotextile can be purchased at most stores that sell pond liners or online.

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