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Aquarium and pond supplies

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Aquarium and pond supplies

Aquarium and pond suppliesAquarium and pond supplies are necessary if you are going to have an aquarium or pond. If you are going to have an aquarium, then some of the supplies are different from the ones you’ll be using in a pond. In an aquarium, you want special halide lighting. This light imitates natural daylight and helps the fish to adjust to their new home feeling more at ease. If your fish get too excited or too stressed out, they can die.

Other aquarium and pond supplies you will need are filters. Aquariums need a smaller filter than a pond does as it filters much less water. Your aquarium will also need fish food, and bottom fish or other such animals to help maintain the cleanliness of the aquarium. Other aquarium and pond supplies you might need in your aquarium are a biological medium to assist nature’s nitrogen cycle, plants and rocks so your fish have a place to occasionally hide away from onlookers.

Your pond will need similar supplies: a larger filter, a pump, aquatic plants, fish, nets, and a skimmer. All of these aquarium and pond supplies will help keep your pond and aquarium clean and your fish healthy.

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