Pond Prep - 0.55 lb. (250 g)

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Item Number: KOR36
Kordon Pond Prep is a dry powder that should be added to water when setting up a new pond or when restarting a completely cleaned pond. It sets up the pond completely, making it ready for proper nitrification to begin preparing the water for fish. For the initial start up, no additional chemicals are needed, it will remove all chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia from new water and help detoxify copper and other related heavy metals often found in tap water. It will add needed electrolytes and replenish slime coat to prevent or minimize stress on the newly added fishes. It reduces the toxicity of nitrite and provides trace elements needed to establish and maintain biological filtration.

Instructions: Add 1 tsp per 20 gallons of water. Add required amount to 1 gallon of water to form a slurry and distribute evenly throughout the pond.

Size: .55 lb.
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