F1000 Waterfall Filter

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Only: $1,232.37
Item Number: LITX14940173
Available in 2 sizes:
F1000 to accommodate ponds up to 3000 Gallons
F5000 to accommodate ponds over 3000 Gallons

WaterMark biological waterfall filters are created to mimic a natural waterfall or spring while helping you maintain a balanced ecosystem. Easy to install, our waterfalls are constructed with 14?? and 23?? waterfall widths and will retrofit into any existing water garden.
Biological filtration promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria for a naturally balanced pond and healthy water quality. With WaterMarks new biological waterfall filtration units, you can create the beauty of moving water through the sights and sounds of a waterfall or stream source. This is not only pleasing to the senses but adds oxygen to the water rand promotes a healthy, balanced ecosystem.
Our waterfalls are designed with the latest technology, decreasing maintenance time and providing instant, tool-less access. The intake to the filtration unit is located on the bottom of the system, allowing water to ??up-flow?? through the BioVort vortex separator plate. Our BioVort technology creates a centrifugal whirlpool force to separate and settle solid debris for less maintenance. Water then passes through the Matala?® filter pads and filtration media capturing micro-organisms for the ultimate in pure pond water filtration.
While the system is an efficient biological filter, it also creates a natural-flowing waterfall. Use two or more to create a beautiful array of waterfalls. The water weir was designed to allow water to naturally ??fall?? from the system. All plumbing is hidden and plant baskets can be placed on top of the biological media to create an additional filtration and natural disguise.
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