CareFree Pond Starter 32 oz

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Item Number: CFE94500
POND BUILDER-STARTER 32oz For use in ponds holding 2,500 - 6,500 gallons. Highly formulated with a mixture of specially formulated Nitrifying bacteria. Establishes a healthy growth of indigenous bacteria in biological filters. Conditions fish coats and reduces aquatic stress. Establishes physical vigor and vitality. Removes Ammonia/Nitrates. Converts cellulose,organic matter,and carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and water. Pond Builder-Starter has the unique ability to eat nutrients that cause common pond problems such as algae and green water. The natural indigenous bacteria in Pond Builder-Starter cannot eat algae itself; this is where enzymes are important. For maximum performance use CareFree Pond Protector which contains natural enzymes that open the epidermis in order to allow Pond Builder-Starter to absorb contaminants effectively.
Add entire bottle to one gallon of water, dispense evenly around entire pond. When opened use entire bottle. Bottle will treat 6,500 gallons of water.
NOTE: Pond Builder-Starter is safe for plants and wildlife when used as directed. Non-toxic and biodegradable. Foul odor means product is good. Contains a mixture of eight super concentrated strains of bacterium. POND BUILDER-STARTER when opened must be used immediately as it's effectiveness is instant.
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